What does that mean

Have you recently attended a meeting and had questions about abbreviations or acronyms used? You are not alone as most persons joining us for the first time might not know what they mean. Hopefully this page will be able to explain and define those terms used.

CD5 – Congressional District 5. This the district that Marion County lies in and such has representatives that represent the Marion County Democrats. This is a part of the DPO structure and meant as a well to have a line of communications to our senators in Washington

Central Committee – This is combination of the executive committee and it’s members (PCP’s).

DNC – Democratic National Committee. Oregon elects delegates to the DNC, which is the governing body of hte National Democratic Party. The delegates are selected by the SCC.

DPO – Democratic Party of Oregon. This is the state level Democratic Party.

MCDCC – Marion County Democratic Central Committee. The MCDCC is the local Democratic Party. It is open to all registered Democrats in the county. It’s voting members are PCP’s and elects delegates to the CD5 committee and State Central Committee. The MCDCC’s mission is to elect Democratic candidates and support Democratic Party values. It holds monthly meetings and other events. It is a totally a volunteer organization.

PCP – Precinct Committee Person. This a person who was either elected or  appointed. This is the most grassroots level participation in the Democratic Party. You represent your neighbors to the party and the party to your neighbors. All PCP’s can vote at the Central Committee meetings. Interested in becoming  or reading more about PCP’s? click here

Precinct – The precinct as defined by the state of Oregon. These areas are different from Congressional districts and school board districts. Curious to find out what precinct you live in? Click here 

Roberts Rules – Roberts Rules of Order. These combined with the By-laws to define how meetings are to be run. Such as how to address the floor and make motions. It is a good thing to read up on and understand the basics. Our by-laws follow the most recent publication of Roberts Rules of Order.

SCC – State Central Committee. Members are elected based on country to represent the county party at the state level. By-laws define who is a SCC member and how they are elected.