Running for Office

Thinking about running for an elected office? Download this article by MCDCC Chair, Evan Sorce or read it below. He gives you 3 questions to think about to make your decision.

Why Me? Why Now? Why This?
By Evan Sorce, Chair, MCDCC

For many, Labor Day is the official kickoff of campaign season. As the media focuses on the Presidential candidates and their stances on every position possible, locally people start to consider if they should run for office. Most people would never consider running for office citing a lack of the right experience or qualifications that would make it possible to be an effective elected official. As someone who has been around candidates and campaigns for almost a decade, I can tell you that if you are motivated, eager to learn, and willing to work in a collaborative process for the betterment of our community YOU ARE QUALIFIED. In order to determine if you are those things, ask yourself and your loved ones these three questions.

  1. Why Me?
  2. Why Now?
  3. Why This?

In order to effectively speak to media, raise money, recruit volunteers, and convince voters; these three why questions are fundamental to the success of your campaign. You need a clear and concise answer for each one. It is critical that you take time answering these questions and are completely honest with yourself in order to find the best response.

  1. Why am I the right person for the job?

What makes you better than the incumbent who currently holds the seat? If this seat is open or unoccupied, what makes you the best candidate? What skills, attributes, background, experience or values do you bring to the table? Why will volunteers and voters support you?

  1. Why is this the right time to run for office?

What is motivating you to run for office now? Take time to develop a list of internal and external reasons why this is your time to run for office. Please note the internal reasons are reasons that will help motivate you to keep going, and external reason are what voters are going to get out of the deal. Why should they vote for you?

  1. Why is this position the right one for me?

Different positions have different levels of influence and prestige, and of course different levels of time commitment. Focus on what you are passionate about and find the office that will help you most effectively promote your agenda based on your background. Tell voters why you’re specifically qualified to run for the office you seek.

If you and your loved ones are satisfied with your answers, we can help you with the rest. Marion County Democrats are working with the Democratic Party of Oregon and other coalition partners to develop training for individuals interested in running for office, and individuals interested in running a campaign. For more information contact me at