Information Be An Informed Voter

Be An Informed Voter

There are many sources throughout Marion County that will help you learn about candidates and issues. Knowing what a candidate’s position is on specific issues can help you cast a vote to help move Marion County and Oregon toward a progressive community.

This resource page is designed to get you started toward becoming an informed voter. An informed voter does their “homework” about candidates and issues before casting their vote. If you learn about more helpful resources that should be considered for this page please let us know.

  1. An informed voter is first and foremost a registered voter. Go here to learn how to register in Oregon.
  2. Attend County and State party organizing meetings and events. Those are great places to meet other active Democrats and learn about your Party.
  3. For incumbent Federal candidates you can check the Congressional Votes Database.
  4. Vote Smart is another excellent resource that lists votes, positions and ratings from other organizations. This is a great place to start researching elected officials as well as candidates.
  5. Attend candidate forums and elected official’s Town Halls. You can generally find details of upcoming gatherings on individual websites and Facebook pages.
  6. Follow the money! Use the Oregon Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance tools to see who candidates are receiving money from and how they are spending it on a campaign.
  7. Attend Marion County’s Demoforum where you will hear directly from elected officials, candidates and issue specific representatives. Demoforum is held monthly. You can sign up for the $12 luncheon by calling MCDCC Office at 503-363-8392.
  8. Call and write your elected officials! The best way to get informed about how your elected official is representing you is to visit them, write to them or call them. Emails have become “junk” for many elected officials. Go old school – write letters, postcards and faxes (yes they still accept faxes). You can call their office and ask for a brief visit from a constituent. Please see additional information here on how to lobby your elected officials.
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