2022 Voters Guide

A list of the candidates running in Marion County. We hope you will find this useful as you cast your vote.

Tina Kotek

Democratic Candidate for Governor

My experience working at nonprofits on behalf of Oregon’s most vulnerable led me to run for public office and serve in the Oregon Legislature. In my first term, I rewrote the state’s poverty program for low-income families while also playing a key role in making historic progress for the LGBTQ+ community by passing statewide protections and access to benefits.

In 2013, I was honored to be elected by my peers to be the Speaker of the House. In nearly a decade leading the Oregon House, I am proud of the progress we have made together. From expanding economic security for more families, combating climate change, and working hard to get us through an unprecedented pandemic, my time in the legislature has been dedicated to fighting for Oregonians.

Together, we have changed Oregon for the better. But it will take real leadership to confront the challenges we now face — from the pandemic to the homelessness crisis to climate change.

That’s why I’m running for Governor.

Christina Stephenson

Oregon Labor Commissioner Democratic Candidate

The promise of Oregon is a state where everyone can live and work free of discrimination. As a civil rights attorney who has represented hundreds of Oregonians throughout the state, I know that we have not yet made good on that promise.

As the next Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries, I intend to do just that.

My work ethic was formed by watching my parents grow and sustain a small business for three decades in Oregon. Today I have my own small business, a law practice where I have worked to level the playing field for workers and employers alike.

I know better than most the challenges facing both workers and employers in this state. And I know the opportunities too.

Together we can build an agency that will be accessible, responsive, and fair in enforcing the laws. I hope you’ll join me!

Ron Wyden

U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate

In the Senate, Ron is known for being a consensus builder in solving major challenges, his effectiveness in getting things done, and his innovative approach to addressing tough problems – particularly in the areas of health care, technology, and protecting the environment.

He is the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the leading Senate Democrat on the Joint Committee on Taxation. He also serves on the Committees on Intelligence, Budget, and Energy and Natural Resources.

Jaime McLeod-Skinner

Oregon 5th Congressional District Democratic Candidate

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is a small business owner and emergency response coordinator. Raised by a single mom when she was young, Jamie watched her mom work three jobs at times to put food on their table. Jamie paid her own way through college and law school — so she knows how tough it is to make ends meet. That’s why she focused her career on rebuilding communities and protecting our natural resources. A former union member, she is an outspoken advocate for Oregon’s working people, family farmers, and urban and rural communities.

Jamie began her public service managing the repairs of schools and hospitals in Bosnia and Kosovo before returning to the U.S. to manage refugee resettlement programs, work in city and regional planning, and serve on a city council. She has led organizational change, mediated community disputes, helped develop affordable housing, and managed teams through crises. In 2021, Jamie led wildfire recovery efforts as Talent’s Interim City Manager, bringing in millions of dollars in aid and emergency housing.

Andrea Salinas

Oregon 6th Congressional District Democratic Candidate

I’m running for Congress because my daughter – and every Oregonian – deserves leaders who will work hard day in and day out to make their lives better. And I think Washington could learn a thing or two from what we’ve done in Oregon about the power of finding common ground, working hard, and actually delivering on the issues that matter most to families: affordable health care, a fair economy, and an environment that is protected and cherished for generations to come.

Change is never easy. I know that. But I also know that I will never stop fighting for a stronger future for my daughter, her generation, and every family in Oregon.

Sara Gelser Blouin

Oregon Senate District 8 Democratic Candidate

Sara Gelser Blouin was sworn into the Oregon House in 2005, and was elected to the Oregon State Senate in 2014. She is Chair of the Senate Human Services Committee and also serves on the Judiciary Committee, the Education Committee, the Mental Health Committee and the Joint Transportation Committee. Prior to joining the Senate, she chaired the House Education Committee for 6 years and served as the National Education Policy Chair for the Council of State Governments. In 2010, President Barack Obama appointed Sara to the National Council on Disability. The nomination was confirmed by a unanimous vote of the US Senate.

In 2007, Sara spearheaded Karly’s Law which improves child abuse investigations across the state.
She is currently leading Oregon’s workgroup to implement the national Family First Prevention Services Act. Sara also played a key role in making Oregon one of the very first states in the nation to achieve recognition for full rape kit reform by the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Deb Patterson

Oregon Senate District 10 Democratic Candidate

As your State Senator, Deb Patterson prioritized creating an Oregon that works for everyone – working tirelessly to address the rising cost of healthcare, the growing housing and homelessness crisis, supporting our small businesses and investing in our education system.

She was honored to be appointed Chair of the Senate Health Care Committee, leading the way in bringing us closer to affordable and accessible healthcare for all and taking on Big Pharma and the increasing costs of prescription drugs. She was also appointed to the Committee on Housing and Development, Natural Resources and Wildfire Recovery and Veterans and Emergency Management Committees.

Deb successfully secured over $12 million dollars of investments into our community – from a homeless navigation center and shelter for the unhoused and for wildfire victims to support for small businesses to investments in career technical education and higher education scholarships. Senator Patterson is the leader Senate District 10 needs during these challenging times.

Richard Walsh

Oregon Senate District 11 Democratic Candidate

Too many politicians focus their time and attention on whipping people up to create division and hatred. ENOUGH! No longer will I stand by as our democracy deteriorates. We need elected officials that work together to make real change, like finding a solution for the homeless issue. We need to roll up our sleeves and work together to make REAL change and I want to be part of that change. That’s why I am running for a seat in the Oregon Senate.

My law practice, Walsh & Associates, has been a part of the Salem and Keizer community for almost 35 years, I’ve been a relentless and successful advocate for my clients and have made a living prevailing over some of the most powerful insurance companies in the Nation. I want to apply these same advocacy skills towards representing the residents of District 11 in the Oregon Senate.

Wisdom comes from many different places but my father always told me to do the best I can, with what I have, while I have it and if I’ve learned one thing over the course of my years in service to others, it would be that we can get far more done together if we search for and recognize commonalities. I have been a dedicated and successful advocate for Keizer. It’s now time for me to take it to the next level to use the lessons I have learned to be a dedicated and successful advocate for the residents of not only Keizer, but also the residents of north and central Salem, Brooks, Gervais, St. Louis, Woodburn and the rural areas that connect us all.

Jesse Smith

Oregon House District 18 Democratic Candidate

I’m just a local Dad who wants to see the public schools fully funded.

My name is Jesse S. Smith. I’m the Democratic candidate for the Oregon State House of Representatives for District 18 in 2022.

I’m in my mid-forties. In my lifetime, I have seen much that has informed my world view.

I believe change is possible.

I want to bring the strength of that belief to the Oregon Legislature, where I will champion changes in public policy, to benefit the people of the state of Oregon and my fellow residents and community members here in House District 18.

Tom Andersen

Oregon House District 19 Democratic Candidate

I have served two effective and productive terms as a Salem City Councilor. I got things done for the City on the Council. Now I hope to get things done for the State in the Legislature.

Much of Salem city governance has a counterpart at the broader state level. I hope to take what I have learned, and done, and apply it to benefit all Oregonians and specifically those in District 19. There are a multitude of issues facing our District and our State. On the Home page of this website you’ll see examples of the many issues I successfully dealt with as a Salem City Councilor these past eight years. I will continue to address some of these issues as your legislator, as well as other issues of importance to our state.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to further discussions on how, working together, we can make Oregon the best it can be for all of its residents.

Paul Evans

Oregon House District 19 Democratic Candidate

State Representative Evans was sworn into office on January 12th, 2015. He was re-elected to serve the people of House District 20 in 2016, 2018, and again in 2020. His priority issues include education, emergency preparedness, the resilience of small businesses, transportation, veteran services, and workplace fairness. He served as the Chair of the House Committee on Veterans and Emergency Preparedness during the 2017 and 2019 Legislative Sessions.

Since taking office Paul has served on numerous policy committees ranging from the Education Committee to the Human Services and Housing Committee. Currently, he serves as the Chair of the House Special Committee on Wildfire Recovery, Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety, Joint Committee on Transportation, Joint Committee on Ways and Means, House Committee on Business and Labor, and House Committee on Veterans and Emergency Management.

Representative Evans was the primary Co-Chief Sponsor of House Joint Resolution 2020B that became Ballot Measure 96 in the 2016 General Election. More than 83 of all Lottery Revenues for Veterans Outreach and Services.

Ramiro "RJ" Navarro

Oregon House District 21 Democratic Candidate

Ramiro Navarro Jr has fought overseas for our country, has fought here at home for his community and he’ll fight at the State Capitol for House District 21. Find out more about how RJ plans to push for better education, a better environment, and a better Oregon by signing up.

Anthony Medina

Oregon House District 22 Democratic Candidate

Born and raised in Oregon, Anthony has spent his entire life protecting and improving the lives of everyday Oregonians. He knows the value of a dollar and that too many families are struggling with the rising costs of housing, healthcare, and childcare. As a father of three and a lifelong advocate for public education, he has led initiatives to provide additional funding for K-12 schools and classrooms. In the legislature, he will address the cost of living, so families can focus less on getting by and more on building a better future.