2022 Candidate Forums

The Marion County Candidate Support Committee is pleased to announce the Candidate Forums for the upcoming General Election. The purpose of our Committee is twofold: to help Democratic candidates win their races and to educate and inform voters to enable them to make informed decisions. The Forums help us accomplish both of these objectives. (Videos will be posted on this page shortly after the forums.)

Learn more about RJ’s campaign at: www.ramironavarro4oregon.com

Learn more about Anthony’s campaign at: www.medina4oregon.org

Learn more about Tom’s campaign at: www.electtomandersen.com

Learn more about Jesse’s campaign at: www.smithfororegon.org

Learn more at Richard’s campaign at: www.richardwalshforsenate.com

Learn more about Andrew’s campaign at: www.change4marion.com

Learn more about Deb’s campaign at: www.debpattersonor.org

Learn more about Andrea’s campaign at: www.andreasalinasfororegon.com

Learn more about Sara’s campaign at: www.saragelser.com

Learn more about Dynee’s campaign at: www.medlockfororegon.com