Democracy is not a spectator sport, get involved today! 


Elect Democrats! 

Our primary goal is to elect democrats. This means to all levels of government from the smallest city councils, school boards to the national level Representative, Senators as well as a Democratic President. We are committed to do all that is possible to help elect Democrats to positions not only within our county but on the national level too.

Help with Candidate Recruitment

In order to elect Democrats to office we must first identify and recruit them. Without identifying potential candidate we would not be able to run democrats in all the races. If you are interested or know of someone interested in running for public office please reach out to use here.

Support Campaigns

In order for campaigns to succeed that will always need more grassroots participation. We try to provide support through a multitude of ways such as: volunteers, door knocking, access to space or general support. For lower level offices or people new to running for office we offer help directly with out Candidate Support committee who’s goal is to support candidates.

Assist with Funding

When possible we do our best to assist candidates with funding. This is critical in campaigns for on the local level where a small amount of money can go a long way. Starting a campaign can be expensive and we are here to help when we can. This is another reason why donations are so important.

Promote Democratic Values

Above all else we strive to promote democratic values whenever possible. This is done through participating in events throughout the community such as marches, rallies, volunteering  and providing support when possible.



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Welcome to our new and redesigned site! Through discussion and observations came focus that the

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The Marion Democrats are led by the executive committee. This committee consists of Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and the chairs of each standing committee.

Barbara FullerChair

Barbara Fuller is the current chair of the Marion County Democrats. She has served on the executive committee for numerous years including being previous vice char.

Trevor PhillipsFirst Vice Chair

Trevor Phillips is a local ER doctor who has been heavily involved in the democratic party. Recently elected to the vice chair position.

Sadie CarneySecond Vice Chair

Said was recently elected our second vice chair! She is an avid and active democrat locally! She is a great addition to our executive committee!

Sue SchwabTreasurer

Sue is a local accountant who has been involved with the Marion Democrats for many years. She has provided many years of valuable book keeping for the Marion Democrats.

Judy SugnetSecretary

Judy has been a proud member of the Marion Democrats since the 60’s. She has previously served as Chair and other positions among the executive committee. She has long provided valuable knowledge and experience to the executive committee.


Contact us

Not sure how you can get involved or have general questions? Contact at as this link to find out how.

Have Concerns?

If you have concerns about anything please also feel free to reach out to us. We are here to support our community and be as inclusive as possible. We strive to make sure that Marion County Democrats is inclusive and support of all walks of life. If we can help accommodate you needs please let us know here.

Want to get involved?

Are you interested in Volunteering? Did you know volunteering doesn’t only mean knocking on doors or calling? There are a multitude of ways to get involved to help elect democrats here in Marion County. Have a specific skill such as speaking, technical or knowledge of topics? We can use your help. Read more here about what you can do


Are you interested in participating within the party? Then becoming a PCP is the first step in being more involved. Please read out page about PCP’s here. You will find out what it means to be a PCP and how it can help elect democrats.

Don’t have time to get more involved with the party or volunteer? You can help us by donating to elect democrats and keep our lights on. Any amount is helpful and goes a long way in reaching our goals. See here to donate either a one time or reoccurring amount.

Do you have time to volunteer? Did you know volunteering doesn’t have to mean door knocking? Do you have specific skills like writing, technical or just about any other skill? We can use your skills to get democrats elected or help our country party.

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