MCDCC Offices will be closed until further notice due to Coronavirus. All meetings and events will be rescheduled. If you have any questions please use our contact form

Ballot Drop-off Assistance Program: Learn more here! Ballot Drop-off Assistance

Ballot Drop-off Locations


Will you help us reach our goal? Funds support our candidate support activities including our Neighborhood Leader Program!

Biden/Harris Yard Sign, Buttons, Stickers

THE SECOND WAVE OF BIDEN/HARRIS YARD SIGNS HAS ARRIVED! Order now before we run out again! Stickers and buttons are also available.



Elect Democrats! 

Our primary goal is to elect democrats. This means to all levels of government from the smallest city councils, school boards to the national level Representative, Senators as well as a Democratic President. We are committed to do all that is possible to help elect Democrats to positions not only within our county but on the national level too.

Help with Candidate Recruitment

In order to elect Democrats to office we must first identify and recruit them. Without identifying potential candidate we would not be able to run democrats in all the races. If you are interested or know of someone interested in running for public office please reach out to use here.

Support Campaigns

In order for campaigns to succeed that will always need more grassroots participation. We try to provide support through a multitude of ways such as: volunteers, door knocking, access to space or general support. For lower level offices or people new to running for office we offer help directly with out Candidate Support committee who’s goal is to support candidates.

Assist with Funding

When possible we do our best to assist candidates with funding. This is critical in campaigns for on the local level where a small amount of money can go a long way. Starting a campaign can be expensive and we are here to help when we can. This is another reason why donations are so important.

Promote Democratic Values

Above all else we strive to promote democratic values whenever possible. This is done through participating in events throughout the community such as marches, rallies, volunteering  and providing support when possible.



Offices Closed

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak and an abundance of caution we will be closing our office

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