How To Cure Corporate Greed

Most people think that heart disease, diabetes, or cancer are the biggest killers and maimers in the U.S. if not the world. However, there is a far larger cause of death in the U.S.; bigger than all of the above, far bigger than war, far bigger than accidents, far bigger than toxic wastes. That killer, maimer, destroyer of people's lives is CORPORATE GREED. In the Health Care field there is only one cure for this “disease”: SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION.

I add the word “administration” because that is all that Single Payer changes. You will still have your choice of doctors or medical facility and your doctor will have more choices because his/her diagnosis will be accepted at face value. No bureaucrat will stand between you and the treatment or medicines that you need. No one will be trying to discover if your condition is preexisting. No one will be asking you to fill out forms or sign away the deed to your home in order for you to have treatment.

In short, you will have the care you now have (only better because it will include annual medical exams and wellness education). And when you leave the Dr.'s office you will not be presented with a bill for the deductible or coinsurance. So, if you just love your current care, it will only get better. Don't have dental? Don't have vision? You will have both, and mental health services as well.

Best of all, your neighbor will have this same care, and so will the veteran who has returned injured or mentally scarred and, having sacrificed so much for this country, is now being denied adequate health care. Everyone in this country will be covered; including the 87 million who are now uninsured (47 mil.) or underinsured (40 mil.).

How will this be paid for? There is enough money now in the system to cover every man, woman, and child as described above. We are now spending 2.2 trillion over the next 10 years. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that Single Payer will cost 1.6 Trillion over the next 10 years. Do the math! We will actually save money and still have the health care we need. Greed comes at a high price.

How can we accomplish this? There is a bill in the House of Representatives right NOW! It is sponsored by Dennis Kucinich, John Conyers and 93 cosponsors. That bill is:
H.R. 676
Call your President, Representatives, Senators. Just call this number and ask for them by name:
You can also write postcards, you can FAX letters (don't just send them because they take up to 6 weeks to process), attend town hall meetings, attend rallies, sign petitions, etc. (use your imagination.) In addition, you can talk to friends and family members and get them to take these same actions. You have power!
In addition, best of all, you can forward this letter to at least two other friends but better yet as many more as you have time for. If 50% of the people contacted pass this along it will soon be in the hands of millions. Good luck! Read up on Single Payer at