Lisa Pool

Lisa Pool

Lisa Pool
Candidate for State Senator, 12th District


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Occupation: Licensed Acupuncturist

Occupational Background: 

  • Small Business Owner since 2007 
  • Health care Advocate 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Educational Background: 

  • Cornell College 
  • Portland Community College 
  • Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Prior Governmental Experience: NA

We need politicians and community leaders dedicated to solving the difficult problems facing our state and district! Lisa’s vision includes:

Affordable Housing and Homelessness: Our homeless population is exploding due to low wages, high cost of living, lack of accessible and affordable healthcare, opiate crisis and more. The cost to our communities when we don’t rectify these issues is much more expensive than if we come together as a community to address them.

Family Wage Jobs: If you are working full-time, you should be able to afford a functioning car, a basic apartment, food, medical and other basics. Period.

Affordable Healthcare: High premium and high deductible with very little coverage – sound familiar? Join Lisa’s fight to rein in costs, increase benefits and increase access to coverage for more Oregonians.

Shifting Tax Burden: High taxes for small business owners and individuals – We pay the highest tax rate and yet we get the least for it. Responsible and reasonable taxation is an absolute must.

Environment: Lisa loves camping and fishing, but every time she travels in Oregon the waters are too polluted to swim or fish. We must find a way to support businesses transitioning to environmentally sound practices by providing education and solutions for making positive environmental changes that businesses can afford.

Public Education: We want a healthy and thriving society. It starts with appropriate and well-funded programs for education and children.

Lisa believes in putting Oregon first and prioritizing the needs of our communities above party lines. Through meaningful and civil discourse often comes the best answer for the “win-win”. Family, Business and Community together.