Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley
US Senator Candidate


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Occupation: U.S Senator

Occupational Background:

  • Portland Habitat for Humanity
  • Pentagon
  • Congressional Budget Office
  • Wold Affairs Council of Oregon

Educational Background: 

  • David Douglas High School
  • Stanford University
  • Princeton

Prior Governmental Experience: 

  • State Representative
  • Oregon House Speaker

The son of a union mechanic, Jeff attended public schools, was the first in his family to go to college and still lives in the same blue collar neighborhood he grew up in. He never needs to be reminded who he’s fighting for. 

But the fights keep getting harder, because the privileged and powerful have rigged our economy and democracy to enrich themselves. Here’s how we fix it:

Take on political corruption so the people are in charge – Put an end to dark money, partisan gerrymandering, and voter suppression.

Create good-paying jobs – Build modern infrastructure and rural broadband, nurture manufacturing, and tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas.

Invest in thriving families – End the outrageous gouging on drug prices, tackle the mental health crisis, and provide seamless coverage for everyone. Massively increase affordable housing. Lower class sizes and make college debt free.

Meet the climate challenge – Rapidly build a renewable energy economy with union labor to quickly stop carbon pollution. Re-assert US leadership to make sure other countries step up to meet this global emergency.

Create opportunity in all of Oregon – Jeff fights for all of Oregon, delivering dredging for costal ports, disaster assistance for farmers and ranchers, and investments in rural broadband; saving rural post offices; and catalyzing collaborative solutions to timber and water challenges to create jobs and improve ecosystems.

From exposing Tump’s evil policy of locking kids in changes, ending Wall Street’s worst predatory mortgages, introducing the Equality Act to outlaw LGBTQ discrimination, Jeff never shines away from taking on the powerful to deliver opportunity, justice, and a brighter future for all.

Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Oregon AFL-CIO, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, and others.