Get Involved

Want to get involved? 

How can you help influence elections? By getting involved! Below you will find out a few different ways to get involved in participating in the Marion County Democratic Party. There is much more to getting involved than just knocking on doors.

Become a voting member of the Marion County Democrats!
Voting members of the Marion County Democrats are known as Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs). The PCP is the cornerstone of our local party (MCDCC), the state Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO), and ultimately the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The Marion County PCP is the first voting member of the party and helps guide and shape our local, state and national parties. Real change comes from the bottom up and this is your chance to make that change.
As a local PCP you can make motions and vote on other member’s motions for important local decisions, such as whether we should lend our direct support to particular positions and to particular candidates. Marion County PCPs are working to build a strong grassroots focused Democratic Party. One that will stand up for the working class, disadvantaged and oppressed. One that will work toward removing the influence of the moneyed class from our elections and elected officials. And one that will stand up against the authoritarian policies of the current presidential administration and the Republican controlled Congress.
PCPs are also responsible for electing delegates who vote at the DPO level: the Congressional District 5 Committee (CD5) and the State Central Committee (SCC). CD5 and SCC delegates elect the Oregon delegates to the Democratic National Committee and these folks then vote on DNC board and committees. Our CD5 and SCC elections take place in November of even-numbered years. The CD5 and SCC delegates have plenty of items for consideration over the next two years and they need to hear from our membership when it comes to important decisions before the DPO. Most local CD5 and SCC delegates regularly attend our meetings and can be identified by insignia on their name badges should you wish to engage them in conversation about issues for which you are passionate.
As a PCP you will be the voice of the Democratic Party in your neighborhood (precinct). There are 525 PCP positions in Marion County with 177 positions currently filled. We need local representatives in all neighborhoods. This is where you can help. With your assistance together we can build this party into a future Democratic Party in which we can all be proud.
Volunteering for Campaigns

Are you passionate about communicating ideas and values for a candidate? Do you have a knack for talking to people and listening to them? Can you carry on a conversation over the phone to help reach voters? Can you help organize an office or direct people? Can you help carry on conversations over the internet?

The list goes on and on with what volunteering for a campaign can be like. Basically if you have a skill set or talent it most likely can be used on a campaign. There is also not minimum amount of time that you have to have. Even as little as 30 minutes a week can have a huge impact on a campaign.


Our volunteers are our most valuable resource.

So “Thank You”

For offering your time and support however that may be.


While not required it will help us reach you quicker and more directly about volunteering
Please give us a little bit of information either about yourself or what you are passionate about. This could include what you would like to volunteer doing or what you have down before.
If you are interested at all in volunteering no matter how big or small we'd love to know! Anything from answer phones to door knocking to helping in the office, we are always looking for volunteers
If any of these committees sound interesting please select them. You may select multiple. If you aren't sure let us know we can help direct you!
Please select as many of these that apply