Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to guide the work of Marion County Democrats in order to fulfill the purposes stated in our official bylaws. Officers are elected at the bi-annual Organizational Meeting by a majority of elected Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) attending. Each term is for two years unless an Officer’s appointment is to fill a vacant position resulting in a shorter term.

Chair: Evan Sorce, chair@mariondemocrats.org
1st Vice-Chair: Carina Perez Europa, vicechair1@mariondemocrats.org
2nd Vice Chair: Trevor Phillips, vicechair2@mariondemocrats.org
Secretary: Melissa Fey , secretary@mariondemocrats.org
Treasurer: Lowell Wetzel, treasurer@mariondemocrats.org

Additional Members of the MCDCC Executive Committee

Barbara Fuller ( Immediate Past Chair)
Chair of Marion County Democrats November 2016- November 2018, First Vice
Chair Marion County Democrats May 2015- November 2016, Marion County
Delegate State Central Committee May 2015- November 2018, Marion County
Delegate Congressional District 5 May 2015- November 2018; Marion County
Delegate to State Platform Convention 2014,2016, 2018
Lifelong Democrat , active in local, state and national political campaigns
since 2002

Career in Oregon and National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program and Policy
Development 1989-2016, including member of Governor Kitzhaber’s Juvenile
Crime Prevention Task Force 1997- 2002, development of the Oregon State
Mentoring Program 2002-2003 and several national awards.
Oregon Department of Human Resources, Director’s Office (Senior Executive
Analyst, 1985-1989)