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The role of the Executive Committee is to guide the work of Marion County Democrats in order to fulfill the purposes stated in our official bylaws. Officers are elected at the bi-annual Organizational Meeting by a majority of elected Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) attending. Each term is for two years unless an Officer’s appointment is to fill a vacant position resulting in a shorter term.

Chair: Carina Perez Europa, chair@mariondemocrats.org
1st Vice-Chair: Evan Sorce, vicechair1@mariondemocrats.org
2nd Vice Chair: Ashley Carson Cottingham, vicechair2@mariondemocrats.org
Secretary: Casey Kopcho , secretary@mariondemocrats.org
Treasurer: Sue Schwab, treasurer@mariondemocrats.org

Additional Members of the MCDCC Executive Committee

Barbara Fuller ( Immediate Past Chair)
Chair of Marion County Democrats November 2016- November 2018, First Vice
Chair Marion County Democrats May 2015- November 2016, Marion County
Delegate State Central Committee May 2015- November 2018, Marion County
Delegate Congressional District 5 May 2015- November 2018; Marion County
Delegate to State Platform Convention 2014,2016, 2018
Lifelong Democrat , active in local, state and national political campaigns
since 2002

Career in Oregon and National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program and Policy
Development 1989-2016, including member of Governor Kitzhaber’s Juvenile
Crime Prevention Task Force 1997- 2002, development of the Oregon State
Mentoring Program 2002-2003 and several national awards.
Oregon Department of Human Resources, Director’s Office (Senior Executive
Analyst, 1985-1989)

Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee is responsible for:

Raising money to support the MCDCC activities outlined in our bylaws
Designing and managing special events
Maintaining donor programs for support of MCDCC
Reporting to the Treasurer income and expenses related to fundraising
To get involved with this committee please contact:
Barb McCullough-Jones, fundraising@mariondemocrats.org

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is responsible for offering engaging and timely programs that train, educate and inform MCDCC membership.

Programs: Meets 2nd Sunday, 5:00pm via Zoom

Lisa Cejka, Chair. program@mariondemocrats.org

Rules Committee

The rules committee is responsible for reviewing MCDCC bylaws and ensuring compliance. Move information to follow.

Rules currently meets first Thursday at 7pm. The next meeting will occur on December 6th 2018.

To get involved with this committee please contact:
Keri Capen, rules@mariondemocrats.org

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is a standing committee of the Marion County District Central Committee (MCDCC). The committee is convened by the MCDCC chair at each Re-Organization Meeting, which takes place every two years on even-numbered years. The next Reorganization Meeting will be held in November 2020.

The MCDCC Membership Committee is charged in the bylaws with recruiting, training and supporting the voting members of the MCDCC, known as Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs). PCPs are the grass roots of the party.

Goals of the membership committee
Reach out and breathe new life into Marion County Democrats county-wide who have become disillusioned and/or inactive in our local party.

Recruit and support new and existing PCPs with ongoing training and other tools at our disposal.
Fill as many vacant PCP positions as possible in order to better rally voter support, promote Democratic candidates and assure a two-way communication between the local party and Marion County citizens.
Collaborate with and support other Standing Committees in order to achieve common goals.
Carrying out these goals by
Initiating membership drives and local community activities in neighborhoods and towns throughout Marion County.
Working with the Communications Committee to create these membership drives and promote the party through public relations programs and free/low cost advertising in traditional and social media.
Working and supporting the Fundraising and Program Committees in their efforts to engage voters by sponsoring provocative, interesting and educational events.
Designing and distributing brochures, handouts and business cards to active members for engagement with citizens.
Surveying and recruiting Marion County Democrats countywide and guiding them toward the Standing Committees that pique their interest in order to engage the electorate.
Meeting and greeting new members and visitors during meetings; Conducting follow-up calls to new or recently re-activated members and visitors to access their needs and help them feel welcome and included in the party.
Using surveys and other information-gathering mechanisms to better understand Marion County Democrats and other progressive-minded voters in order to best serve them through active participation in the Democratic Party.
Join the membership committee today
The Membership Committee welcomes all Marion County Democrats. You do not need to be a PCP to be a member of any of the standing committees, including Membership. We welcome fresh ideas, friendly smiles and positive attitudes! We look forward to your active participation in our group!

To get involved with this committee please contact:
Mary Nikas, membership@mariondemocrats.org

Legislative Committee

The legislative committee monitors the legislative sessions. The committee organizes broad communication of bills, hearings and events of interest for citizen participation.

To get involved with this committee please contact:
Lisa Herzog,Chair, legislative@mariondemocrats.org

Candidate Support Committee

Recruits potential Democratic candidates for public office in Marion County
Reviews candidate qualifications and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.
Supports and assists the recommended candidates through the election.
Conducts voter registration drives.
To get involved with this committee please contact:

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for:

Website development and maintenance
Social media sites
External communications about Marion County Democrats
To get involved with this committee please contact:
Nate Robison communications@mariondemocrats.org