Blair G Reynolds

Blair G Reynolds

Blair G Reynolds
US Representative 5th Congressional District Candidate


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Occupation: Entrepreneur 

Occupational Background:

  • Bartender
  • Software Development

Educational Background:

  • Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Santa Rosa Junior College

Prior Governmental Experience

  • Military

Oregon, America, moving forward

My name is Blair Reynolds, an entrepreneur, veteran and family man, and I am ready to represent you in Congress.

I am running because I am done watching our democracy crumble in front of our eyes, torn apart by cravings for power. Our Congress would rather grandstand for sound bites then put the work in to pass legislation. Progressive change is seen as outlandish, while our national values are pulled further into Conservatism. 

We have been seeing the same struggles between Democratic-centrists and Republican conservatives happening for too many decades. Our country needs to move forward, and prepare for the future. A future where your value and right to livelihood isn’t determined by your employer.

I am running for everyday people, with a platform of three basic principles.

Universal Basic Income: $1,000 for every American over 18 every month. This will left the floor of poverty, help families pay for unexpected expenses, help launch small businesses, and truly give Americans what we cherish most, freedom. 

Universal Health Care: We are tied to our employers whims, and insurance agencies that determine whether our medical maladies are covered. Even the well-insured can find themselves bankrupted when insurance doesn’t cover emergencies that happened out of network. The very nature of insurance is to reduce risk for their business. We need healthcare. For All, NOW

Democratic Reforms: Our incumbents stay in power with corporate PAC funding, corrupt parties, and voter suppression. I would champion legislation to require mail-in paper ballots nationwide, and work to dismantle the big money two party system from the inner workings of the House and Senate.

I am not a carrier politician backed by Big Pharma and Corporate PACs, I am a man determined to make this country a better place for all, for YOU.